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What is ATSIM?

Automated Transit Stop Inventory Model (ATSIM) is a completely web-based system designed for the collection, update, and management of standard transit stop inventories for transit agencies in Florida, but it can also be easily adapted for agencies outside of Florida. It is designed to keep track of transit stop facilities and their amenities. It automates the data collection and analysis process and avoids time-consuming manual data entry and duplication of records by individual agencies. The data collection component of ATSIM consists of a web interface and a tablet that can be accessed wirelessly. It is designed to run on a device that has a camera, internet access, and a Global Positioning System (GPS). The system allows collection of over 80 standard attributes, user-defined fields, and latitude and longitude GPS locations. The system also has the capability to store multiple pictures in the database.

The ATSIM main menu consists of four components:

  • Data Collection: Allows collection of over 80 standard attributes, user-defined fields, and latitude and longitude GPS locations.
  • Work Orders: Allows planning staff to communicate with maintenance personnel to carry out fieldwork related to transit stops.
  • Data Management: Allows users to export data and pictures, view and print reports, and generate queries and charts.
  • Maps: Allows users to view and print the current transit stop map using Google Maps.


Transit stop inventories are needed for tracking the location of stops, identifying the type and conditions of amenities, determining how well areas of interest are served by transit service, assessing the accessibility for disabled persons and ADA compliance, upgrading the right-of-way appearance, etc. Transit stop inventories are useful tools for asset management; they can help transit agencies keep a detailed inventory of their valuable assets. Furthermore, the advent of Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) makes it even more important for transit agencies to keep an up-to-date inventory of transit stop data. An accurate transit stop inventory is essential to implement APTS projects such as automatic passenger counters (APC), automatic vehicle locators (AVL), computerized trip planners, and automatic voice annunciation systems.


The traditional methods of collecting transit stop inventory using a clipboard, pencil, paper and spreadsheets are time-consuming, inaccurate, and difficult to update. This often culminates in the reluctance of transit agencies to commit resources to such efforts. ATSIM replaces the traditional methods and provides an automated and affordable alternative to collecting, updating, and managing transit stop data. The availability of ATSIM also avoids duplication of development efforts by multiple agencies and contributes to the standardization of transit stop inventories in Florida.


ATSIM is a web-based system that uses Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end database. Version 4.0 provides the following major key features:

  • Access through a web browser
  • Collection of over 80 standard transit stop attributes, including GPS locations, and digital photos
  • Customizable user-defined fields and list-box selection items
  • Google Maps capability
  • Easy updates of existing stop records in the field or from anywhere
  • Export to different formats (CSV, GTFS, GIS) and ZIP for pictures
  • View and print work orders and reports
  • Queries and charts
  • Search feature
  • And much more

For more information about ATSIM, please contact:

Fabian Cevallos, Ph.D.
Transit Program Director
Lehman Center for Transportation Research
Florida International University
Email: fabian.cevallos@fiu.edu
Phone: (954) 234-4183